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All the worlds a stage (brettbretterson) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 08:34:00
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    why me?
    so yesterday i was unloading all of my troubles onto jessica and now i feel bad about it. Well at least her life is going a lot better i just dont know i feel so out of control like i have no firm grasp on how my life is going. And im getting kind of sick of people telling me to ive it time . shut the fck up you have no i mean NO idea how crappy things are. Not at home but at school and just me. i have no social life. FOR REAL like the three friends that i do have stand me uo like every weekend and the other friend is constanly grounded. so i can safly say i have no real friends. i truly hate it here and i cry everday. Knowbody knows what its like to be hated..............

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2003-12-01 20:25 (link)
ahh brett i no how you fell like ever since i moved in with linda and my dad its been hell i cry more than smile i mean sure im some whatr cloe to my friend but im not walking distance and thats what makes me sad i cry all the time im lony and have no life whta fun we hjave to get together and hang out more often when ever you want just stop by ide enjoy that your fun! lol wooohoo have fun turn that frown upside down ....haha thats i thijnk the most crony thing i said all day ... :) well talk to me when ever you no my number call when ever

<3 @$(-)L3y

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2003-12-01 21:46 (link)
brett, what are friends for? you can always unload on me. =) you're my buddy, brett bretterson.

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2003-12-02 13:16 (link)
"I sat next to Brett bretterson in math, and he asked to study with me at lunch."

I love you too, Brett.


hearts ---this way---> <3<3


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