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Squishy (breatheforme) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 12:36:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Murderdolls - She Was a Teenage Zombie

    Mmm, Apple Juice.

    = D I love apple juice. = ) Just thought I'd let you all know.


    Stayed home today...I woke up and I just felt so nausous...

    The past few days have been quite interesting. I got my tarot cards friday, and Jaymie slept over. I read her cards. -Nods- Very interesting.

    Yesterday Amy and Mike had a big superbowl party. Lots of food, drinks, and people. -Slams head on table- All of the little kids would not leave me alone.

    At all.

    -Huff-. Fawnnine was like...not listening to anyone. So, she eventually went to bed. The other little kid, Timmy...just..wouldn't sit still. Xavier went to bed almost as soon as Henry (Fawnnine's and Xavier's biological father) dropped them off. Kid was majorly tired.

    The party was pretty fun other than that. I felt bad for my dad though. He spent all of saturday making this really great salsa (this stuff like..burns the taste buds right off of your tongue..I love it.) and everyone pretty much ignored it Sunday. I don't even think three people tried it. Tis ok I guess, cause we get more...but my dad was all excited about it, ya know? -Huff-.

    I ended up going to bed before the end of the game..I think like..around 8:30-ish. -Shrugs- Meh.

    Lately I've been thinking about how much easier things are going to be when I'm gone...well, for me anyways.

    It's going to be a whole new beginning. A new adventure...a new everything. -Huff- I can't wait.

    What I've been thinking about most though alone I am.

    Maybe in Alaska someone will see something these people don't. Everyone here "is happy just being friends".



    I'm just so tired of being alone..I think that's half the reason why I want to leave so soon...


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