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Paris in Flames (break00) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 01:50:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Giving up - silverstein (this song is my life)

    Its all about the cock.
    s k a b o 0 o m: sockem boppers
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: baby bottle pops
    s k a b o 0 o m: pringles
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: my penis is bigger than yourrrrrrrrrrs
    s k a b o 0 o m: my penis is rubber
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: my penis is so long...i can tie your ankles together, strangle you and slap you across the face with it all at the same time
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: beat that. :-P
    s k a b o 0 o m: hahaha. you win.. but mines flexable.. i'm bendable and can fit all shapes and sizes! kinda like one size fits all
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: im jealous :-(
    s k a b o 0 o m: :-(i know.. bigger isn't always better
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: how sad. maybe if you give my penis a will become flexable like yours
    s k a b o 0 o m: yeah maybe :-X.. if it's so big then can't u give it a workout urself?
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: no, it needs atleast two people to get it going
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: and i need someone daring to use it on
    s k a b o 0 o m: oh. well i don`t think i can handle it :-[
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: no one can, im gonna die a virgin with a big penis
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: they're gonna have to give it its own funeral
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: and coffin
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: since its so big
    s k a b o 0 o m: you kno, when guys die, they have boners.. your will pop threw the coffin. and it will then scream. I FINALLY BROKE THREW SOMETHING!
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: hahahahahah
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: but i will be dead, it wont be worth it
    s k a b o 0 o m: your penis will enjoy it.. no penis can die a virgin
    s k a b o 0 o m: unless its a stub
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: thats true but just because it pops wood, and breaks through a peice of wood, doesnt devirginize it
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: maybe
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: we can stick some unsuspecting lady
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: on top of the coffin
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: that way
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: the penis will go right through the wood
    PrEtty LuSh 69 0: ok this is getting sick and twisted im gonna shut up now

    haha silly convo with kim about penis. not a penis. penis.

    s k a b o 0 o m: i feel like walkin over to your house.. break a window and kidnap you and take you away from your house arrest
    someone cares!!

    note: in a previous blurty entry i said the only people i want to stay connected with over the summer are jeana max and daniel (who still likes it in the butt). i would also like to add kim.

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2003-06-26 01:55 (link)
YAY!!!!!!! i was wondering why i wasn't on that list before.. i slip you mind easily :-X

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