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Break (break) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 09:54:00
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    Current music:Blindside

    So! Yesterday was okay.. I guess. Rode my bike to and from Holly's. That made me all tired.

    I was hoping to go see Kill Bill with Armando at the cheap seats last night, but it didn't happen. Him and Veronica are planning to go on Wednesday, but I don't think I can go on that day. So hopefully they go on Thursday, because I wanna see it again! ^_^!

    Okay so this morning I was supposed to meet V so I could get my wallet back from her. I waited, but she didn't show.. and I was supposed to meet Armando at the caf on the other side of the campus. So I went over there. He bought me breakfast o.o! And gave me another CD! Hahaha. Blindside, it's their first one. He burned it for me. I like it a lot. Yeah, on Sunday he let me have the burned copy of his cousin's band. They're called The Hummingbirds. I like it though. Heheh.
    So then I told him I was supposed to get my wallet from V so he let me call her on his phone and she was on the other side. So she came over here.. and we all talked for a while.. then he went to class.. and V and I walked the other way. And we met up with Holly. ISN'T THIS SO FUCKING INTERESTING!? I have nothing much to say so this is what I talk about. SO then Holly and V and I talked and then V left and Holly and I walked to the MAT lab. And here I am.

    So now I'm gonna go to my usual sites ( and stuff like that.

    Okay bye.

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2003-12-03 23:17 (link)
i'll go see kill bill with you !

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