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candace (brassmonky) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 23:55:00
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    Current music:seven nation army

    sheba's right rear leg gave out so ma and da brought her to the ER a few minutes ago.....but all the animals have problems. kc wont stop howling and patches wont stop barking and its annoying the hell outta me. omg im sooooooooo upset. my whole month of july is booked with events and crap and theres not enough days for everything!!! lets see, sidni is comin the first week and stayin for 2, FTX is from the 10th to 13th, mayra's quincenearoicantspell is on the 12th, i have a feis on the 13th, summer dance classes from the 14th to 18th, a drill on the 26th, and boot camp on the 27th for 2 weeks. arrrrgggghhhhhhh......... i really really REALLY wanna go to FTX this year cuz EVERYONE is going and they will drag me all the way up there if they have to. but i dont want to miss mayra's sweet 15 party.... and ma will be thoroughly PISSED if i try to cancel my entry in the feis. decisions decisions. ill sleep on it. oh yeah! drill today was great and i was in charge of the new ppl and im not used to being the authority so it was fun. i watched travis and colby race gokarts afterwards and travis won at the last second. then over to his house....his mom doesnt like me. he asked her and she said I UHHHHKNOW and she gave me a dirty look when i was sitting on the patio with travis and she saw part of my boxers and whats the big fucking deal!?!?!? but i dont care, as long as travis likes meh. we spent practically the whole day in his basement cuz neither of us can hardly stand his mother. or his dog. or his brother. but its better than being at my house. NO!! IM TAKING AFTER PATRIE! NO!!!! heh just a random thought about today. at least she doesnt want to marry allen anymore. jesus christ he looks like her father, theyve never been 'alone' and she wants to MARRY him. she's 19 fucking years old and he doesnt like her AT ALL but apparently she has a problem with him now cuz she wants to scribble all over his face at FTX when he's asleep heehee grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hafta go shut the dogs up or im gonna pop. buhbye.

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2003-06-29 07:55 (link)
i lurv your puppies!!! :D they are nice puppies. don't pop, cause no one wants to clean up that mess. lol. l lurv you.


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2003-06-29 13:05 (link)
yep they are nice puppies and yay i didnt pop i heart you

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