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BrAnS_SwEeTi (brans_sweetie) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 15:10:00
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    *FaVoRiTeS* ~n~ *OtHeRs*

    color: silver
    food: cheese
    person of the same sex: jen
    person of the oppisite sex: i hafta pick 2...bran and sam
    school subject: chorus
    store: abercrombie and fitch
    smell: brandon
    eye color: green
    hair color: blonde
    skin tone: tan
    metal tone: silver
    brand: tommy hilfiger
    mall: south park
    shoes: pradas
    drink (non-alcoholic): sprite remix
    drink (alcoholic): screwdrivers
    dessert: uhhh everthing? strawberry sabayon lol bran
    state: NC!
    city: palm beach
    school: mgd
    college: UNC!
    shirt: my abercrombie definitoin tank top
    socks: um these white ones w/ gold zebra stripes
    necklace: the one my bf gave me last week
    ring: my peridot x ring
    bracelet: uh my hemp shel one
    earrings: these star hoops
    anklet: the new black n silver one i got
    snack: cream cheese n chive crackers
    place: brandons house
    dream: uhh i dont remember my dreams
    tv show: american idol
    movie: pearl harbor
    CD: thankful, kelly clarkson
    single: i will be here, clay aiken
    music artist: kelly clarkson
    actor: ben affleck
    actress: mandy moore
    model: paris hilton
    teacher: mr.robb was pretty cool...if i hafta pick
    e-mail address: i guess
    screen name: of mine: UNCcHeErbAbY7 of sum1 else: my bfs iluvslinkys is so damn cute!
    article of clothing: thongs...theyre so much fun to pick out!
    shoe brand: prada
    hangbag brand: coach
    cologne: abercrombie
    hair cut: for a girl down to their boobs and layered for a guy a skater cut
    channel: MTV

    black or white? white
    girl/guy? guys
    tall/short? tall
    skinny/fat? girls skinny, guys n tha middle
    city/country? city girl all the way
    phone/IM? phone
    publich/private school? public
    PDA/no? nooooo
    single/taken? taken
    blonde/brunette? blonde
    freckles/none? some not a lot
    pop/rock? n tha middle
    jews/christians? christians i guess but i dont have a problem with jews...
    slutty/conservative? n the middle towards the slutty side
    britney/christina? christina for vocals, britney for looks n style

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