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*Branka* (branka) wrote,
@ 2003-06-21 19:19:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:power of love-Celion Dion

    OMG>>>>> I am thinking about kissing!! Kissing is good...Someone once told me that the more u kiss the longer u live so i will kiss as much as possible or whatever.... i am wrilly bored and me and ena are hanging and reading everyone's journal entries we r dorks!! I was supposed to call Emir at 5 today but i didn't so i called at 6:30 and umm he was not home great huh??.....I had to talk to his sister..ahhhhh.. i hate when i have to talk to his mom or sister but its ok...besides he sounds much sexier on the phone than his sis or mom hahhaa!!I think i am wrilly infatuated with him and all this ..OXOXo <3<3 hehe *~BIG SMILE~* Ines is sleeping she sleeps funny...she is hugging her lil heart pillow she is such an adorable kid.. but when she's awake its bad cuz she is always horny and all she does is relate everything to sex.. hahahh Well ena wants to go home now ohhh nooooo!!!!! she can't leave it will be so boring without her... ohh well whatever..... i'll update this some more later~~~ when my life gets more interesting.

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