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LOrA (boys_bite) wrote,
@ 2004-04-06 10:19:00
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    Current mood:Smiley but odd
    Current music:Pretty like drugs- Queen adreena

    PrEtTy LiKe DrUgS..
    Event? Thts not the word i'd use.. i mean, nothing really like event like could of happend, you know? People could jsut be writing for the fuck of it? *shrugs* change it. *nods*


    Evertime i look at you i cant help but smile, and last night when you were laughing i could stop thinking how beautiful you were and how i jsut wanted to be next to you kissing you agai.. And everytime you smile i go crazy inside i love what you make me feel how you skin me and run your fingers over my body.. iw ant to know everything about you, good and even mroe the bad, cos i think that it wud jsut make me like you eevn more, and want you even mroe. When i think about you i cant help but smile and think how good it feels wen u say something nice to me and how good it feels wen ure kissing me i just wanna telly ou i think i cud make us work.. we've both been hurt, but i'd never hrut you, i've already stopped playing game for you.. i want to get to know you and hope your want me as much as i want you..

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2004-04-13 08:08 (link)
Yay for queen adreena! =D

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