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pretty boy with hips, (boyh___ips) wrote,
@ 2003-02-08 18:37:00
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    Current music:bright eyes - oh you are the roots that sleep beneath . . .

    eliash #6
    such a clear sky. blue beyond belief. they were sitting on a bench, elias and his best friend james. james, his fierce eyes glistened in the bright light, too bright for an autumn afternoon like that, ish. it had rained just few hours earlier. they had skipped school and stood in a doorway sharing headphones blasting out a mixtape of morrissey and the smiths. just staring at the raindrops hitting the ground, going out of their shelter every once and a while to feel the rain hit their dirty faces washing away the scum. until it stopped. just like that.

    hair was still wet, not dripping but still. james ran his skinny fingers thru eliash' black and blue hair, like bruises, feeling his skull and the water on his skin, fingerskin and the palm of his hand. rested his arm on his shoulder, like they do in the movies, when kids go on dates to the movies and try to get a bit closer. the boys do that. boys always do that in the movies. eliash didnt pull away. he never pulled away. but he felt such a beautiful thee most gorgeous chill down his spine when james touched him, maybe pulled him a little bit closer. an accidental kiss on his stick out bony collarbone, forehead against his cheek, breath in slowly out, a public place, bright day light for god's sake. elias closed his eyes and imagine things happen he was too shy and akward to ask for and everyone else thought they did, on regular basis. they drew little hearts in the air, tired and happy. in a way.

    suddenly it started raining again. out of the blue, the sky, where else? people ran for cover, surprised by the water. but they stayed. hummed a song about the atombomb. heartquakes and black nail polish stains on their hands, like nicotine stains. paint. ink. eliash had skribled a word to his chest. over his pseudo heart (the right side, not left) darling. but he wouldnt tell what it was. maybe, maybe it was a name. i dont know.

    in less than a minute everyone else was gone, out of sight somewhere inside, hiding. as if they were made of sugar. they werent. no sweetness, just blandness, mediocrity rules. but eliash and james, they were made of sugar. but they rain, it did not melt them like sugarlumps melt in your cup of tea. it just added extra to their sweetness.

    like clockwork, wired together knowing each others every thought and move by heart, heart beat as if they were their own. they raise their heads. a kiss, lips moving, a proper one, not just a peck, ish, teasing. but the real thing. in the rain, like a secret, eyes closed. then, everything back to normal, like it was before the kiss. a quick stroken of the cheek with a hand. shhh.

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2003-03-10 11:31 (link)
well, now i'm a criminal, because i have this blurty-thing even though i'm not 18. and i added you. but i guess i just wanted to say hello. so, hello! <3<3

xoxxxx, heidi

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2003-03-10 14:34 (link)
i hope you don´t mind but i added you on my friend list...

i feel so criminal now...(yeah,right)

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2003-03-19 06:02 (link)
heippa tukru.
majo tässä.
ajattelin vaan ilmoittaa, että mullakin on tällanen ja lisäsin sut mu friends-listaan.

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