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Danielle (boybandssuck458) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 15:38:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:"My Grown-up Christmas List"-Amy Grant

    -punches self- owww!!
    so i get 2 school (of course) but its my first day of the week (even if it is wednesday lol) and we had florida writes practice 2day 4 3rd and 4th hr. well i got into the assigned class and the teacher was callin out names and he didnt call mine and 4 other ppl's we went 2 the guidance office. we got there and the lady was bein a super bitch and was like "make a line and tell me ur lastname, r u sure ur all in 10th grade?" and we all looked at her like she was freakin this one girl told her her lastname and in the computer she's considered a 9th grader, so she's a leaky asshole..neways, i went up next and said "mcgowan" and she goes "oh yeah, ur dominique's sister" and i shook my head yeah and she's like "ur supposed 2 b in 406" (where i was at) and i said "well they didnt have my name" and she gets all pissy b/c i guess no1 has ever talked back 2 she's like "well thats where ur supposed 2 b..go there" so i grabbed my stuff and left. i got into the class and of course, what do they do? they stare me down!! -growls- so i was like "she told me 2 come back here" and he's like "whats ur lastname?" and i said "mcgowan" AGAIN! and he was goin down this list and he is one slow reader so i pointed out my name and he's like "oh ok" and handed me a blank answer sheet i go 2 my desk and realize..i dont have a pencil but like right then he goes "do u have a number 2 pencil?" and i said "no" and i was expectin 2 sit down 4 once..but noooo he couldnt get off his ass and give it 2 i got home, took the pencil outta his greedy lil hand and sat down..i filled out the info and then read my gay ass topic and wrote a stupid 5 paragraph essay bout it. i was gonna write a whole essay bout how much i h8 florida writes, b/c i was so pissed, but i controlled myself and stuck 2 the topic! lol

    that was my fun 4 2day..enough of this "fun" 4 one day..sleepy time! -falls asleep slowly-

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2003-12-10 19:02 (link)
Hi Dani!

What's up? I can't believe you are gonna leave me again tomorrow! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I hate you! love Dani! Well, me gonna go!

*~* Liz *~*

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