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joia (boredgirl260) wrote,
@ 2006-04-16 13:18:00
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    Current mood: bored

    so, Lee canceled our plans for Friday. He was on his way down here, but there was a horrible accident on 73, and he doesn't know another way to get down here. He rescheduled for Monday though. I talked to him quite a bit that night, but not sense. He didn't call yesterday at all. Hopefully he'll call today. he should, he's off from work today. The flyers are currently in the midst of a huge game in NJ, hence why I don't plan on spending too much time online today. I wanna be able to see what happens. The Sixers playoff hopes have been completly crushed by their inability to win a big game. I was almost willing to give them a pass against the Heat, they didn't show up, but odds are they would have lost even if they did, the Heat are a good team. But losing to the Magic like they did is unexcusable. And, in a league where half the teams make the playoffs, they won't. It's fairly pathetic. On the job front I'm gonna call the temp agency tommorrow becasue I haven't heard from them. is boring. I feel like there should be something else. GRandma is better, she's back to her old nagging self. And, I think that's all. I want off the computer. Update ya later

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