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joia (boredgirl260) wrote,
@ 2006-03-01 18:30:00
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    Current mood: good

    not a bad Wednesday
    So, my interview today went fairly well. The guy who interviewed me was a kid I went to hs with, which was pretty crazy. He was nice though, and it went well. I did well on my tests, even though I felt like I was doing horrible at the time. The place has a kind of limited health insurance too, which i will definitly look into once I'm placed on an assignment. The guy, Keith, told me to call in a couple weeks if I don't hear from him, which I definitly will. Looks like I might be stuck going out with my mom Friday night, which is good for her but bad for me. I might be going out with her and my cousin Harold to Ft. Dix and McGuire Air Force Base in Jersey. Assuming Harold doesn't flake out, which has been happenning lately. All my mom's people keep flaking out. And, Harold doesn't have a great track record. After we paid for him to go to Hurricane Harbour with us back in September he disapeered off the map. And, the fact that his mother and his father are both horrible people doesn't exactly strike in his favor. Anyway, hopefully Lee and I will hang out earlier that day, and I'll just have to make sure to be home by like 7. Speaking of Lee, he called this afternoon to let me know he had to go to the ER today. He inhaled some toxic fumes at work, but he's fine now. He called back again while I was eating dinner but I haven't called him back yet. I'm going to call him when I'm done on here, which should be soon. I just need to finish this entry, check a little more e-mail, and finishing looking for something for my mom. Oh,and Criminal Minds is tonight,yay!! I love that show, and it hasn't been on in weeks. Well, guess that's all for now. Update ya later

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