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Eric (boombot99) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 19:25:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Limp Bisket - Building a Bridge

    New Years Eve Party!
    Yea I know I'm a little late with this entry, but I've been working. *tear* But anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2003 is kinda long gone and its time to look into the future, into the year... 2004! Yay! My New Years was friggen awesome! ^_^ Well I'll start at the beginning so you can understand how the drunkenness came to be. I was originally goin to a party at my buddy Troy's house, but that day I couldnt reach him on the phone. What I thought was a bad thing turned into the best thing that could ever happen. My mother then told me I had to go some place that night cause she wanted some "alone time" with my stepdad. -_-; But I also had work that day till 7ish. I wont talk about work right now cause it irritates me. Lol. Soo after work I figured I'd call Troy again and see if he was there. But when I got to my house, my mother had locked the doors. And she also locked these locks we have that dont have a key. So I was pretty screwed. I then thought of my friends who either didnt do much( aka no life) or might have a party tonight. I then ventured over to my friend Alex'x house. He lives about a block away from me. ^_^ He was there, but only for half an hour. Arg.... But anyways, I stayed there till 8, then I went over to my good friend Dannie's house. YAY! That means she was home and there was indeed a party going on. It was great, we played some DDR (I was horrible as usual), and we drank Coke and Rum. X_x Mmmmm that was good stuff. Some of us then went with Dannie's friend named Ashley to her house for food and drinks. We then recieved many, many stories from her relatives. ^_^;; Then some left to a bar, then just about everyone from Dannies party came over for the new years count down. We had champaine (2 glasses for me! ^_^). The just about everyone of our friends left. Dannie and I stayed there for a bit and listened to some really racist jokes. I really dont like those kinds of jokes. >_<* So Dannie and I left back to her house where we split up. She wend downstairs while I drank and played Drunken Poker/Blackjack. ^_^ Rules were simple. You lose, you take a drink, you win.... you take a drink. LOL. It was fun. More Coke and Rum were consumed by Yours Truely. Eventually we worked out sleeping arrangements for everyone and we passed out. It was a good thing that I slept there cause at the end of the night I felt like I was floating. ^^ I then woke up around 10:30 without a hang over! AWESOME!!!!! But I had work in about 4 hours. So I carefully biked home. Well that was fun, gotta do that again sometime.

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