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Steff (bonesgurl) wrote,
@ 2003-12-26 17:25:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:One last Cry - Brian McKnight

    Hey wuz up!? How was xmas ya''ll???? I had a cool xmas, well like most of the years,,, I just missed my mom tons, but hey it was ok! It's not the first xmas we spend it apart! But well
    Mmmmm what can I say? We ate turkey and rice (-sp?-) at 8.00 pm and after that we had a long convo and so and like at 9.30 we became our presents! It was really coool! I got well thongs, money, a new bike, my grannie is paying my drivers license lessons and, I got a dopey doll (from snowwhite you know?)Lol Alex played dopey at the theater when he was lil and well I love dopey, I got Pink's CD and I got JT's DVD and money and money.
    BTW Pink''s Cd is from MARKY my baby! I was so happy Ahhhhhh
    Yesterday I watched World Idol and it was AWESOME! I mean KELLY WAS THE BEST!!! I wish I could have such voice!

    That's all folks! I g2g!

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