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..::Lexi::.. (bondage420) wrote,
@ 2003-03-24 22:31:00
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    Current mood: drained

    blah...tired again only got three or so hours of sleep went to bed at 5am got woken up at 8 30 am to the sound of saws cutting a tree outside my house what kind of ignorant bastards would do that that early?ppl fucking sleep..alright so then i tried to go back to sleep i was almost there when the pipes in my house that go by my room started making this high pitched sound cos my dad was washing his car outside..gerr it just dint stop..then sumthing bad happened then it was made good again now im happpy woo..gerr soooooooooooo feel like im on air right now juss floating in a cloud.. and im so nervous goin to van this w/e if i get my money woo! hehe heh neways im gonna write a poem off the top of my head now:

    i look into your laughing eyes
    what looks back at me?
    this hate and sadness coursing through my veins
    only pushed down by you
    this creeping happiness
    slipping around my throat
    choking me with fear
    i must get past this take a chance
    i must let this take its course

    wow that was a lame one...gerr i decided im gonna start posting my poems on here as well..quite possibly
    but for now im goin to go cos im gettin tired.....

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