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briit* (bombshellx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 03:10:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:kris kross - jump jump [haha]

    .. FeeLiN' sOrTa cRaZzYy*
    ohh mann!, i dont know wuts wrong with me,, im in sucha good mood riight noww ;*) .. even though my liife has been horrible the past like 2 weeks..

    well, ill update from my last entry about my brothers best friendd.. *eventually my brother found out.. but the weird thing was, he didnt care, he encouraged itt [i was SO happy]; we went out everywhere like all the time.. it was the happiest i've been in like EVERRR!!!.. but then all of a sudden, it started like gettin worse or something.. we just stopped like talking, and he just ignores me anymore ;*( .. im so like not myself anymore.. im just so upset and sad.. and i dont even think he realizes how much he hurt me.. but wutever, ill get over it riight?..

    SUMMER'S ALMOST HERE!.. school = close to being over.. i cant wait *june 13, and its over with, and my summer offically begins!* .. even though it like already did; its gonna be sucha good time, everything is happening in the summer ;*).

    ii CAN'T WAiT FOR THE CHRiSTiNA AGUiLERA<3 AND THEN THE *50 CENT* CONCERTT < MY LiikE 2 FAVORiTE PEOPLE.. welll, christina iss<333333 ; i love her she's my iidol!!!!! <333333.. haha

    * .. i'm outtt, exciting news later ;*)

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I totally know how you feel
2003-05-22 17:00 (link)
Hey well i read your posting about march 29, I totally know how you feel about your brohters friend.... You see im going through like almost the same thing. You see i like this guy that goes to my school his name is jim and we have been hanging out for a while. Well the other day he just like all of a sudden stopped talking to me for some reason. Dont ask me why but you see i really like him he is sooo cute and funny and there is not alot of guyz out there like that. But his is avoiding me and i asked him if he was mad at me or something and he said no but i think he is ..... do you have any suggestions for me???


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