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tami (bo0tyqueen) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 21:33:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:michelle branch - are you happy now

    man, i have allergies like mad crazy. i am sneezing uncontrollably and my noise is running nonstop... right now i have two pieces of tp paper in my nostrils hoping that it would stop.... argggghhh... it is driving me craaaazzyyy.

    i was just talking to my friend, payoua, on im and she told me that her, her friend and her friend's friend tried to do three way calling with me last night (its weird tho considering that if they called me it would be four-way, right?). it turns out that her friend's friend is, like, obsessed with me and keeps asking payoua to give him my number and to hook us up. the weird thing is that he doesn't even kno what i look like and that all he knows about me is that i'm viet, which payoua thinks is just the reason he wants to be with me is cause he's viet too... right. anyways, they tried calling my homephone and my cellphone, but she said that they kept getting the wrong number. oh wells, thats alright. i'm not really into getting together with guys that i have never ever met before... it's just too awkward for me.

    anyways, i got to get back to stickin up new pieces of toilet paper up my noise. *sniiiiiiiiff*

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