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tami (bo0tyqueen) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 23:37:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:the e.t. movie theme

    today henry and me went and hung out in maple grove the whole day which was really really fun. we first hung out at best buy and then ate at chipolte's (sp?) where i got a steak burrito and nachos. alicia than came to join us and we then walked through downtown maple grove (which is hella nice, btw) and then went inside petco, payless shoes, old navy and then cub where we bought some candy to sneak into the theater. we actually got to see 'charlie's angels: full throttle' which was a fun movie. afterwards, we went to best buy again and alicia has this thing with this particular greeter guy that works there where she gives him a rating on how good his greeting was. when we walked in, she said 'four' to him and me and henry just looked each other and started laughing. when we left, she said '7.5' and he looked kinda amused. yeah, weird. we then went back to the theater to wait for my dad to pick henry and me up. while waiting, i saw melody, this girl that i was friends with before she transferred to cooper for junior year. she had her boyfriend with her, kyle, who was really nice. then my dad came and picked us up. *sigh* i didn't get to see devin working at the theater tho... :(

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