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SpongeRob~ (bertho) wrote in blurty_hs,
@ 2003-11-06 12:20:00
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    Canned Answers
    Frankly, I hate them. I sometimes use one for validation questions if I feel the urge to do one, but outside of that, they rarely completely answer the question. There's usually some subtle difference in the question that requires a small change or two. I'm not saying you can't use canned answers, but please make sure it fits the question before you submit it.

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2003-11-06 15:33 (link)
Okay, I admit it, I'm one of the culprits in this. *looks sheepish*. Although I do only tend to use my canned answers for some of the simplest questions - standard background image and comment link questions - and then I do check to see that it covers everything asked for. One of the main reasons I started using them was because the board was so hectic and full of green that I just wanted to make sure that questions had answers to them. Now that things are slightly more manageable I guess I don't need them anymore. Although they are great for remembering those FAQ urls. But I promise, I'll stop now. *slaps wrists*

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2003-11-06 18:03 (link)
I don't have copy/paste canned answers, but I do have canned answers. They're only to validation requests, though. Every single one of my answers is typed out letter-for-letter each time, and I try to make sure I answer all parts of the request to the best of my ability. Generally, if I can't answer the whole thing, I don't answer at all.

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