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Minty (blunder) wrote,
@ 2004-10-12 16:16:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:just silence..... bitter silence...

    And all i wanted was a simple kind of life...
    So the play a week or two ago went very well... twas fun!!! Then last week on wednesday & thursday we had tryouts and callbacks for the next play!!! We didnt get a break at all! Ah well... so this weekend was awesome, for the most part.

    Friday i hung out with Jordan all day long!

    Saterday i hung out with Joe and we watched the sound of music =) and since then he has been telling me how he is singing all the songs from it... all the time. haha that makes me happy. And then my parents had a Poker Night at our house... they invited a couple of family friends over and we all played poker for hours. haha i didnt do so good =/

    ...So sunday was amazing. oh man. me and Lauren went to Renaissance Festival and met up with some people (Clark, Hugh, Dano, RJ, and a few others... and i also got to see Kristina there in her fairy costume!) and i had soooOOooo much fun. At one point i even had Hugh on a 'leash' sort of thing. That was exciting! hehe... ya... twas fun. I loved the whole dressing up part though... bc i felt so normal in that corset and long flowwy skirt =D hehe yaaa.... (and in this upcoming play i get to wear a corset!!!)

    And then on monday (yesterday) i did a lot of nothing... a lot of homework... went over to Cinta's house and did our government project for many hours last night.. and i didnt have my contacts/glasses on when i was driving there and home in the dark... not smart!!!!!! oh man i could have died... hahahahaha!!! Darn... yesterday was not a happy day for most... or for some at least.. and that deeply saddens me...

    And then that leaves us with today... me being dazed and confused all day... Going ADD at the drop of a hat... Not being able to concentrate or even care to try. Today was,well, "special"..... i have to go back up to the school by 5 for the first read through of The Miser... which is the next play that we are doing.

    This week should be alright i guess... i have tests out the wa-zoo this week.. but i that is fairly normal. and my friday plans to go to fright fest with lauren and jarrad i think fell through... but thats ok bc i have new plans... i will be hanging out with Hugh friday. and then saterday, I am going over to my best buddie 'ol pal's house in the woodlands... Ryan... i have known you my whole life =)

    To everyone who tries to bring joy to my life.... i thank you... and i love you for it...

    Rachael i miss you... its depressing that we havent found time to see much of each other lately =( we will soon enough though... im sure. i love you!

    <3 Kristin

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2004-10-12 19:34 (link)
so how come if you've never heard of Jhonny the Homocidal Maniac (I asked you this at Renn. Fest.), why do you have a picture of Jhonny blinking at the top of your blurty? This confuses me. Well, I stumbled upon your blurty and took a while to read a bit of it. Back-tracking through random peoples lives is really pretty strange. Thank goodness for Blurty, and the ability to learn all sorts of things about people without thier ever knowing it! I just glanced over the first page really, but I hope you dont mind!

Herm, I have an idea, but you'll have to speak to me to find it out.

Hope your week gets easier and you get through all of your tests alright.

Talk to you soon,

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2004-10-19 17:38 (link)
I miss you as well... I don't mean to go sentimental on you, but this year we are graduating... I was thinking about how often I could be seeing you and I’m not taking advantage of that. It'll hit me when you are gone and the thought makes my heart sink. I love you. I want you to live at my house. But this year I really want to me the one you call when you’re having a bad day or a good one. I want you to feel free to call my cell phone and come to wherever I am at anytime. I just want to be your confident and for you to be able to talk to me about anything and know I’ll give you my honest opinion. Don’t ever think I’m being distant for any reason. I could never hate you and always love to hear from you. You are and will always be my best friend.

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2004-10-19 17:46 (link)

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