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Margaret (blueyedevilpixi) wrote,
@ 2003-08-11 22:29:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:one of my new cds.. dunno which lol

    fingerpaint and fishsticks
    Burning party was fun... ended up leaving with about 20 of Erin's CDs. good stuff
    We watched Sleepy Hollow, Empire Records, From hell, and The Winter Guest(it was on one of those movie channels and the young sean biggerstaff was funny)...

    Took pics with Teenie's camera and she sent em to me and out of sheer boredom I put them here..

    i look so smiley and happy... wow..

    I think I look younger... and shiney. it was a no-makeup day... night.. thing

    ok.. I thought I deleted that pic from teenie's camera, but i guesses not so... look at my HAIR!! lol

    I took some blackmail pics of erin but we won't show them.. too funny.

    urgh... was gonna post a survey but I'm too lazy lol.

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2003-08-12 00:41 (link)
Sleepy Hollow?! From Hell?! JOHNNY DEPP! YAY. One of my favorites. :-) Hot, too.

Nice pictures; hair looks good. Cool color.

And when you get surveys -- send 'em my way! I never get any. :-(

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2003-08-12 01:29 (link)
Johnny Depp rocks, dude! I wooorsship hiimmm. lol

I love my haircolour and if the school says its not normal(which they might.. religious conservative assholes..) I'm dying it black. So 'nyah' to them =p

I'll send you my surveys that i never feel like posting b/c they waste entirely too much journal space lol. And you can only be asked "whats your favourite brand of shampoo" so many times before it gets old..

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2003-08-12 12:02 (link)
I am mucho digging on the hair. Ooh its soo pretty.
can i touch it?

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2003-08-12 15:36 (link)
lol sure :D

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