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Katie Collins<3 (bluestraws) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 20:23:00
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    home sweeet home!!!!!! ...... seriously!
    ohhh my gosh it feels so good to be home....... i have been at the grandparents house all weekend.. god luv the fam... but so yeah i was suppost to be home about 7 hours ago, but i should have known that wasnt about to happen!!

    so neways...... my first journal entree.... whoohoo....... im glad i dont know what the hell im doin... i feel weird. lol like im talking to a bunch of people i cant see.?? hmm i dont know i can be a weird one sometimes

    my senior pictures are scheduled for may 16... what kind of crap is that.. im still a junior.. i wont even look the same when im a REAL senior....... oh well just the thought of being a seniors cool enough for me. i want to graduate sooo bad..!!!

    i dont know what to do about devin--- its like i want a boyfriend, but then again i dont.... cuz for one ...--- omg if my family does not leave me alonee so i can get through with this stupid entry....... ------- ok yeah neways sorry about that........i just dont want a boyfriend until its someone i actual want to be serious with and i cant handle seriousness rite now i dont think........ ok but im goin to go so my brother can get on here and do all of Nothing!!!!

    peace out

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Yay Kayytay
2003-05-12 19:30 (link)
Keep writing! I love reading these, its very intresting....add me as your friend then I'll add you ok?

-Kara :)

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