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Katie Collins<3 (bluestraws) wrote,
@ 2003-05-09 14:44:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:kenny chesney-young

    D-I won't do drugs, A-Won't have an attitude, R-I will respect myself, E-I will educate me nowww
    my firsst journal entree.. whoohoo!!!..

    well yesterday we had this assembly thing called kiss (keep it a safe summer) lol, well it really wasnt funny, ok it made me cry! i mean i cry at a lot of stuff but not usually about people i dont even know. it made me feel horrible about lots of stuff... so that's what i'm talking about on my subject. the song from 5th grade!! i miss those days......

    i am in trouble though, ok i missed-or not actually missed--but i checked in at like 9 during first block like eleven times and my mom found out so that sux. but oh well.... this weekend is gonna suck... were goin to my g*mas.. and i love my fam and all but theres nothin to do in montgomery. okkk maybe we'll go shopping though.

    today tony told me he loved me. well it makes me feel better knowin one person likes me, just wish it was someone for real!!! im lonely!... lol... he wrote me a note yesterday tellin me he likes me because i am skinny. isnt that great.

    well im gone to cheerleading practice. where ill probably be told that im stupid and crazy like 500 times. lol kara. -k-
    peace out**

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