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Bluesboy (bluesboy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 16:05:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:dredg - el cielo

    deja vu?
    so yeah, second post on the same material. I went to see Robert Randolph at House of Blues Chicago on the 14th. I took Josh with me, and it was a grand time, minus the guys taping the show next to us who continually took away standing room as they bent down to check out how much storage they had left on their recorder.

    This show in general wasn't as up-beat - i.e. there weren't as many upbeat/rock-out songs - but was definitely a great performance. Covers this time included "Purple Haze" again, "Yakkety Yak (don't talk back", "love and happiness", and "good times, bad times" by Led Zeppelin.

    at the end of the set, robert fucking picked up the steel guitar and played it behind his head. I was floored.

    other than that, I spent the night at Josh's place, returned to DeKalb the next day and hung out with Jess.

    my life would be more exciting if I had more money and less homework.

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2003-11-28 13:45 (link)
If you update more often, we could hear all about the non-excitement in your life.

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