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Lauren (blueorchid18) wrote,
@ 2004-08-28 21:48:00
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    What will ease the pain?
    Suprise suprise. I've been drinking again. I'm so sad. Whn did i become so pathtic? fuck this. my heart hurts. I'm so lonely. So alone. Alcohol makes for sucky company. He hurts me SO BAD. When did i become this needy and dependent??? The pain is blinding and all consuming and i long for him. Sound like an addiction to you?? Ya, me too. Well the entire day didn't suck. Gina and i went to the fair. It was super cool to hang out with her and catch up. She's sucha good friend. I am lucky to have her. The fair kinda creeped me out. I dunno, the feeling i get there is that this place is not natural. Like evil almost. OK we all knew i was weird. I packed a lil tonite. Ill go up to move into the moyne around 2 perhaps. I hope seeing everyone takes my mind off him, tho i know it wont. Does he know he does this to me/.?? Prolly not. I hate the olympics. I WANT REGU:AR PROGRAMS, BITCH!

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2004-08-28 22:23 (link)
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2004-08-30 12:54 (link)

My apologies for butting into your blurty like this, but I see that you list Tori Amos as one of your interests.
I think you'd really like this place:

Look forward to seeing you!

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