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Lakwatsera (blueberrywinter) wrote,
@ 2004-06-26 18:01:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Damaged - Plumb

    25 June, Friday
    Had dinner last night with morphedJoanne at Wham Burgers. As usual, I slathered my burger with mustard and ketchup, so when I pressed the buns together, the condiments were dripping all over the place. Great. Also, the burger was too big I could hardly bite into it. In case you're wondering, the burgers tasted good. The dripping condiments and the almost locked jaw was worth it. There was one spoiler, though. I like sprinkling some salt into my burger patty, and I don't know what it was with their salt but everything tasted salty afterwards. Blech.

    Me: Is it just me or is their iced tea supposed to be salty?

    Joanne: What?

    Me: Yung iced tea nila. Ang alat, mare.

    Joanne: Gaga. Baka naman naparami lang lagay mo ng salt.

    Me: Hindi kaya! Hello, kung masyado marami yung asin na nilagay ko e di sana hindi ko na nakain yun.

    After dinner, we decided to have a cigarette each.

    Me: Pakshet! pati sigarilyo ko ang alat!

    Joanne: *laughing like a cuckoo*

    Me: *sticking my tongue out* Pucha pati yung hangin maalat! Even my lips are salty! Anubeh! Tara na nga patayin mo na yang yosi mo, libre kita Gelato.

    So, to remove the salty taste in my mouth, we each had a cone of Doppio Cioccolatto. Sarap, mehn! Then we went to Dome Cafe (pansin nyo ba walang katapusang lamona alegre ito) to wait for stonyblueLexie and misterdjMC. They arrived at around 11PM and it was sooo nice seeing them again. Ü Buti na lang hindi ako nasiraan ng tiyan sa pinagkakain ko. The burger, gelato, apple tea, San Mig Strong Ice, Lemon Iced Tea, Crab & Corn Soup. (Sidenote: I'm so ashamed --- or should I really be? --- I can't even finish a can of Strong Ice. It's not that natitipsy na ko. Kaya lang hindi na talaga ako nasasarapan sa beer. I wanted to get the wine kaso I'm not a fan of the label. Shet, thunders na ako. :C ) Goodluck to me.

    I had to go home at 2AM. morphedJoanne had to wait for her husband so the three of them dropped me off at my house then they headed to Starbucks 6750.

    I'm invited to watch Martin Nievera's concert at Onstage tonight. Free tickets, free dinner, free ride home. Kaso nga lang I hate Martin Nievera noh. So maybe I will stay at home tonight (Jusko Lord wag sanang ma-inspire yung mga paa ko na maglakwatsa) and watch TV.

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