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Skittles Taste the Rainbow (blueberrylady) wrote,
@ 2004-08-24 20:44:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Chris Young - You Lead Me On

    I'm still.... there
    My day wasnt all that bad. I havent been feeling the bast lately but I dunno, today was different. I wasnt totally sad all day. I think it helped that I met Colleen.
    She is soooooo COOL! Shes hysterical! We had such a good time in pe today! We both totally suck at badmitton so we just kinda screwed around. Omg It was funny. We were startin to get tired so we just stood there and talked. The guys we were playin with were still goin and we were in th way cuz we just stood there. Even when the birdie came near one of us we just kept talking. It was pretty funny. Shes in Cantus. Man I miss choir. She kinda persueded me to join next year. Maybe I'd even get into Divae ::knock on wood:: Then I could be with everyone else next year. I was seriously thinking about it. I'd have to have an extra elective though. I hope I do. Cuz I miss singing. :(
    After 2nd hour though I went back to thinking. I gotta stop doin that. I think too much into things and I never stop. It helps when I have another subject to think about. So I just need to think about other things until I can forget the "thing" or until it resolves itself. I dont think that will happen too soon so I'll have to deal...
    I wish life was simple. Like movies. Where everything comes out right in the end. I just wish someone would write a movie where nothing turns out right. Like life really is. Its not all rainbows and butterflies. It sux. Its dark, dreary and murky. The should make a movie like that. I dont think it would make much money but hey, at least it would be truthful.

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