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aseret in wonderland (blue_85) wrote,
@ 2007-11-23 23:44:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Counting down the days
    In honour of there only being 7 days left until I finish NaBloPoMo, I've decided to introduce an exciting new "Triple Delight" series! Okay, maybe not so exciting, but I'll be doing some self-analysing, exploring three elements of some psychological theme about myself.

    Today, we'll be covering Three Potential but Unlikely Careers I'd love to have which others may never have expected of me.

    1. Board Game Designer
    When I was younger, my parents didn't buy my sister and I many board games, so I made my own. Monopoly, Cluedo, even Bingo, I made about a dozen games from scratch, including some that were purely from my imagination. I really, really enjoyed the whole process as well, even all the tedious cutting of cards involved. My love of board games continues to this day, so I would adore the chance to come up with new game ideas, test them out and generally see them right through to the end. Oh boy, I hope this job exists...

    2. Animal Behaviourist
    I adore watching animals. My dog can have me riveted just by lying there, doing nothing. What's even more fascinating is seeing animals carrying out their rituals or going busily about performing obscure tasks. I know there are scientists, conservationists and others out there observing animals all the time, to protect them, to learn more about our evolution as humans or just to document them. How dearly I would love to be able to follow a wolf pack, spy on chimpanzees or even record dolphin sounds. So where do I sign up? No really, where??

    3. Business Entrepreneur
    So I didn't study Commerce or Business at uni, or show any interest in this area, but dammit, I have ideas. I don't know whether this idea is viable or not, but I would seriously consider starting a website or shop which only sold miniature things - from pens and notebooks to dental floss and shampoo, everything would come in small sizes and small packages. It would be brilliant for anybody travelling, looking for items for their children, or for those like me who just love miniatures. Everything would be in the one place so you wouldn't have to go scouring multiple stores. Now let's just hope noone steals this business idea!

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