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aseret in wonderland (blue_85) wrote,
@ 2007-11-15 23:19:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    And tarnished not by memories
    So I'm sitting in my study room, surrounded by piles of STUFF - notebooks, bags, old books, stickers, stationery, boxes... I guess that's what happens when you're in the middle of a huge clean up.

    Yesterday, I came across a framed photo of my parents at their wedding, stashed away at the back of a closet. It's now hanging in our rumpus room, much to the embarrassment of my mother. She thinks she looks old-fashioned, but I think she looks very much like (an Asian) Princess Diana in that photo.

    I also went through my dad's old photos, I think before he met my mum. It was both amusing and touching to see that he was still the same - reclining in trees, standing around with hands on hips, looking into the distance, thinking he was so cool in his 70s-style outfits. There were a lot from his time in the army, which troubled me a bit, as they seem to glorify that military lifestyle, him posing with guns in full uniform. It was strange to see him look so young. He was almost unfamiliar and there were some group photos where I couldn't tell which one was him.

    I sometimes wish I took more photos when I was in high school. Unfortunately, my friends and I were camera shy (more like camera phobic actually) so there are very few pictures of us floating around from that time. I know I would have been incredibly embarrassed to see them now, me in all my dorky glory, but they would be something to look back on. Instead, I have to piece together bits and pieces from journals, letters, yearbooks...

    I wonder if these written records will be enough in the future for me to remember. I look back fondly now on what were some of my most formative years. All the funny moments, the in-jokes, the dramas, but most of all, the cherished friendships. Yet will they stay with me in the years to come? I hope so. I really do.

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