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aseret in wonderland (blue_85) wrote,
@ 2007-11-12 20:33:00
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    Goodbye Academia!
    Today, I finished my last university exam EVER. Well, maybe not forever, as I still see a postgrad course lurking in my future.... but still! No more frantically scribbling away during boring lectures, no more long, obscure readings, no more late-nighters and cramming for exams. I won't have to hear the names Foucault, Bourdieu or Habermas weekly. No more theory, hallelujah! Practical work all the way!

    Oh, you academics. I've looked on you suspciously, been absolutely confused by you and dreaded meeting your work again. Yet I've also been inspired by your thought provoking words, been amused by the way you gleefully make up titles ('Look at moiye, Kimmie, look at moiye!' - not lying!), even fangirled you! How awesome a surname is Ben-Ze'ev (pronounced BEN-ZAY-EV)? How amazing is danah boyd for legally changing her name to all lower case? I can't believe Howard Rheingold paints shoes, SHOES I tell you!

    University, I can't believe how much you have changed me. In the future, I think I'll discover more and more of what you've given me, things which maybe I don't see now. Farewell my sandstone protector, mentor, teacher, friend, I bid you adieu...

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