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Mike I. (blorps) wrote,
@ 2004-02-06 17:24:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:Anime!!!

    Well, Hello all...bored as fuck right now. Sick, so I have nothing to do. Tiff is watching TV and doesn't feel like talking or something. Come to mention it, She hasn't really wanted to talk at all lately. upsets me a wee bit. She was invited to a party tonight by this Paul guy...yeah, found out today that he calls her a whole all the time even when he's at school. >_< ... :: sighs :: I wonder if she talks to him more than me. Prolly not, but thats only cause I call over there alot and come over...I wonder how much we would actually talk if I didn't call her as much. Gah, I'm in a really depressed mood...I'm bored. I think I'll just go drown myself in some anime...or play games. I dunno...just do something besides sit here. lol, Tiff will prolly end up talking to Kyle or Paul or something before ever even thinkin of calling me back. Wee...I hate being depressed. It seems like I've been depressed in some way or another lately. It normally doesn't bother me, and I'm like yeah, whatever...I'll get over it. Just today seems to suck. I can't stop thinking depressing thoughts...Hopefully they'll go away soon. I'm gonna go now...just had to get rid of some of these thoughts...figured writing them down would help...tootles

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2004-02-08 12:50 (link)
it's not that i havent wanted to talk to you it's just i've been sick and we sit on the phone and hardly say anything so theres really no point being on it. but never-the-less i still want to talk to you. Don't worry, I still love you! ^_^ I'm going to go get ready and see what my mom is doing.
Love u. ~Tiffany

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