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...or maybe it should be "bloodless inamorata." (bloodyinamorata) wrote,
@ 2004-03-14 22:15:00
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    Current mood:honry
    Current music:black sabbath

    writing again, finally
    this is what i’ve always wanted to have happen to me...

    some lonely night, all alone in my crappy-ass li’l honda, tearing down the freeway like a bat out of hades when car breaks down and i swerve to the side of the (deserted) road. my heart is pounding.

    no matter how hard i try–and considering the darkness of the night and the chill of the wind and the fact i hear howling outside, i try very hard indeed–i cannot get my honda to come back to life. tears welling and threatening to spill down my ashen face i sit back in my car seat and contemplate the black void around me.

    the lack of topography hides an amazing lot, really. i think i hear a coyote’s lamentation but maybe it’s my imagination. i pull my coat tight around me and shiver; no heat. no heat at all. no cell phone. no one knows where i am. no one will miss me for days. i hadn’t even seen another vehicle for hours.

    so i start to cry. and i hate myself for crying.

    i no longer care what happens to me; this must be the gods’ way of saying ‘fuck you, just die.’

    so i leave my car. i kick it before i go, and feel a dull ache throb in my foot as i wander into the darkness.

    i don’t know how long i’ve been gone but i can’t see the freeway any more. i can see hills in the distance and a whole lot of dark, dark flat. suddenly my heart stands still, for i think i see a human figure somewhere out there–perhaps just the glint of metal beneath the moonlight. i stand still in fear for my life. but he’s already seen me.
    slowly, sensuously, he melts from the darkness and his alabaster face takes form before my transfixed eyes. my whole being aches, he is so beautiful. and so frightening. he is not far from me and seems to be made of moonlight and solitude. he is gaunt but he looks powerful. all i can hear is the echo of my own breath in my head.
    he fixes his violet eyes on my trembling form.
    he comes closer, closer.
    i feel strong inhuman hands grip my shoulders. he holds me fast but not cruelly. if i wanted to flee (which i don’t) i wouldn’t have a prayer of escape. my knees threaten to liquefy but his glance keeps me standing, staring. wanting. i swallow, hard.
    his colorless face with those burning purplish eyes moves in until i can feel his breath–unearthly, like a breeze in hell–caressing my quivering lips. agonizingly slowly...his full, dark lips part into a wicked, enchanting grin. the worshipful moonlight adores him and highlights his






    i nearly swoon, but he holds me still.

    “i’ve been waiting for you. i’ve been waiting so long–well, it would seem long to you but centuries are nothing to one whose days know no end. it was i who called you here, my love, and stopped your car. you’ve wandered this night over the plains, the desolate plains, into your beloved’s arms.”
    i was home, and i melted into his embrace. his cold-hot immortal embrace. as i ground myself into him i felt those gorgeous full lips, darker than wine, darker than eternity, caress my damp neck...

    ...then his fangs scraped–torturous in their gentleness–across my throat. i sighed, contented at last, as he subtly and silently sank those fangs into my waiting flesh. my spirit mingled with his as my life’s blood rushed into his veins. he fed on me and i on his love.

    he was done. he stepped back a little and admired the rose-like bruise on my throat, which i fingered gingerly and smiled. lovingly he slid my heavy coat from my shoulders and let it fall to the earth. we now shared a single mind; i knew what he wanted.

    my fingers found the buttons on my blouse and undid them slowly, tantalizing him as he had tormented me with the baby-touch of his lips, of his fangs. the cold night wind no longer bothered me; it was a warm tropical breeze as it tore my thin blouse from me. i undid my black velvet bra and let it fall. my full breasts, nipples engorged with lust, gleamed as a moonbeam struck. he smiled.

    then he touched...tracing an elegant finger around each of my throbbing, aching nipples. a small, shuddering moan escaped my lips as he cupped my breasts in his cold hands and squeezed them insistently but still gently, so very gently. my head swam as i realized what he wanted--desired--needed from me under that loving silver moon that poured its light on us there on the cold, desolate plain. i sank to my knees, protected from the sharp, dry grass. smilingly he ran his fingers through my hair and a wonderful chill shimmied down my spine.

    then, with an awful power he gripped my head and drew my face close to his pulsating member, now freed from the confines of his silken breeches. he took it in his free hand and moved the tip slowly across my hungry lips before i stuck out a tentative tongue and felt along the rock-hard shaft...then the tip...then he was inside my mouth, filling me to the back of my throat with his immortal rod. it was difficult not to choke as he worked himself in and out and in and out--slowly at first but soon rapidly, so rapidly--but it was so good and making me so wet that i couldn’t stop. i sucked and i moaned and worked the tip with my lips and my tongue and he shuddered in approval. his thrusting became faster and i knew he would shortly experience release.

    and he did, with a deep and surprising laugh--all over my waiting breasts. it shimmered in the pale light of the moon and i groaned in frustrated lust as i rubbed it into my flesh and licked it off my fingers. he eyed my writhing form as i lay back on my coat and enjoyed his immortal come. he grinned.

    “you want more, don’t you?” i looked into his violet eyes, burning with passion, and he knew what i needed. he pounced on me and undid my belt--cast it aside. unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. though the night was cold i felt only the warmth of a love that was destined to last through endless centuries. he threw my jeans aside and pulled aside the crotch of my black silk panties, moving a stealthy finger over my delicate parts with unspeakable softness. i dug my fingernails into the dry cold earth and begged him to fuck me, fuck me as hard as he could.
    “soon, my love.” i whimpered at the delay.

    the movement of his finger increased and became more vigorous. i went from damp to dripping as he teased my pussy lips and surprised my clit...i could feel his finger sliding, sliding...then two fingers...spreading me apart. i was panting, desperate to feel his enormous cock--already recovered from its exertions only minutes earlier--plunged deep into me. his two fingers inside my wet, wet pussy were almost too much; i almost screamed with pleasure and the agony of waiting. i could not control my hips; i thrusted.

    then i felt him remove his hands. he took his hard cock in one hand and moved it over and around my pussy, driving me crazy.

    “oh, give it to me--give it to me hard, now, please oh please!”

    he laughed.

    then--he plowed into me with the force of several centuries’ of sexual frustration. he held my shoulders to the ground and pounded me till I thought my pelvis would shatter. i could barely catch my breath, just cooing “oh-oh-oh-oh” as he gave it to me just like i’d always wanted.

    my vampire lover pulled out after i orgasmed and came all over my stomach. he stood, looking down at me. i was panting, exhausted, and covered with his come. i couldn’t move from the ground, but only gaze up at him in awe.

    “ready for more?” he purred. i nodded.

    i was ready for an eternity’s worth of this. i had a feeling i wouldn’t be worrying too much about my abandoned honda any more....(and i could already feel my own fangs pushing through my gums....)

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blurty highest match! no way!!!
2004-04-19 16:32 (link)
hey-llo. i found you off of blurty's search thing. yea, you have the most in common with me. -dances- someone who might understand? someone who writes good erotica? could it be? dear god, no way! hehe, get back to me if you want.


ps-that isyour erotica, correct?

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Re: blurty highest match! no way!!!
2004-04-22 23:52 (link)
Whoa! Yeah, that's mine. : ) I'll totally add you to my friends list, if you'd like!

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