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Jillyo .... (blonde_squared) wrote,
@ 2003-06-22 11:22:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Tamia -- OFFiCiALLY MiSSiNG YOU

    my post from LJ. i wrote it lastnight.
    Well, its 12:36 pm and i SHOULD be in bed but i just had a large ice-coffee with xxxx sugar. so im little wired. hehe. It's okay tho..b/c im WAY over due for an update. So bear with me okies?

    -I went out with Eric this morning. He was being wicked fucking shady and i've got a pretty good idea why he's acting like such a dick. REASON ONE :: Linsey is with keith. -rolles eyes- stupid reason to be shady. REASON TWO :: He likes laura again..ane he doesnt want me to know. And i think those are the only reasons i can come up with.??? Oh well. If he really wants to be shady to me it's alright. I've got other things i can deal with. But he's still my eric. its not like he and i havent gone thru this phase before.

    --Lastnight was a busy night for me. But, since meg was up in NYC i had to do something to occupy myself. Sooooo! Ash and i took sam to a place in north dartmouth to play some mini-golf. it was fun, i had a good time..mostly b/c i WON! haha ash...and by one measely point. hhehe. but yeah. i think sam enjoyed it..he got to hang up with his awesome older sister and her friend for a night. He loved it. Wait until he wakes up tomorrow morning and see like 5 pizza's calling his name. hehe. Anyways, lastnight around 9:30 i get ahold of joe and his brother tells me he went out with his girlfriend katie so oooof course i believe him and i freak out. thinking he completely blew me off for her. haha. im so stupid :-\. but anyways, i book it to work and i get there just as chris was leaving. And hes like "oh dude, i was just gonna call you." so we talk and we decided to meet back at work for 10:30. so i'm like "Alright whatever" i pull up, thinking its just gonna be me, joe, and chris...but NOOO. i see katie's car. and im like 'UGH fucking prick" so i was fucking fuming. So i get in the car. Joe's all acting nice and shit. and i get in the back and im just chillin talking to chris about something and suddenly chris goes "yo. you gonna rolls a J or we bowlin it" and im like "WHAT" so im mentally freaking out and joe's like "oh you dont mind right?" so he's sitting there fucking lighting this shit up and im going "mog omg omg " like, freaking out. and i just sit there and katie reachs back and goes "Jill, take a hit" im like "no thanks" and shes like "ah, thats cool man. i wish i had your guts" and im like "yeah. wish i had your man" but of course i didnt say that. but im sitting in thise car and the 3 of them are fucking smoking this shit and i just closed my eyes and put my head against the wind. i wanted to throw up so bad but i kept cool. Finally we pull up in the parking lot and i'm standing outside with chris while katie and joe go inside to buy tickets and he and i were just chillin and talking. nothing out of the ordinary. But joe and katie come back out and she likes "you wanna come with me to the bathroom?" so we go inside and we're just talking about her and joe and everything. and shes like "its cool that you like him. i can see why you do" and im like "uuuuuuuuuuugh. shut up" so we were just talking and stuff and we head into the theater to find the boys. and i end up sitting on the end, next to chris. i didnt mind. he's chris. So we were talking thru the previews and everything. And the movie starts and im bored out of my mind. and i start to dose off..and chris fucking woke me up >:o. But finally he let me doze off and i woke up b.c joe fucking hit me. punk. but after the movie ended..we were driving back and we're just chillin and stuff. chris asked me if i would go with him to the strand on friday night b/c he turns 18. so i told him i would .So apparently we are going to the strand on friday. i dont mind tho, its all good. but when they dropped me off, chris is like "gonna hug me?" so i hugged him and joes like 'wheres mine?" so i hugged him too and then i came home. i got home around 2:15-2:30. I didn't get to talk to chris much tonight but i did talk to Josh..and he kept asking me if i was chris's girlfriend.........i dont know why tho.

    ---Alrighties- Now i've gotta head out to work for 12-3 & 4-10 shift....blah.

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2003-06-22 20:27 (link)
wow guys really suck!! lol i like this line "shes like "ah, thats cool man. i wish i had your guts" and im like "yeah. wish i had your man" but of course i didnt say that. " hahaha...keep workin it maybe this girl might get scared or something.. u never know

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Re: guyz..
2003-06-22 23:32 (link)
haah. i wish..but i dunno -sigh- ihateallmen. haha

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