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Jillyo .... (blonde_squared) wrote,
@ 2003-05-05 20:36:00
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    Current mood:bored.
    Current music:Hanson -- A Song 2 SING

    prom update-- 10,000 roses.
    WELL! - prom sucked. I looked great. I know i did. you can't tell me i didnt...I'm gonna try posting it here.playbunni_th0ng Tasha uploaded my favorite picture of me from that night. It's of me and my buddy justin. He's a babe. I've been best friends with him since he 7th grade. I cant believe i'm gonna graduate with him too. Awesome huh? Let's hope this works.

    Anyways, yeah. RICH stood me up. but thats alright. i'll just make him feel quilty. I left prom around 9:30 b/c they voted for prom court. and i didnt place. and im pissed b/c my teachers told me i was getting Countess. LIARS! so i got pissed, so me and my girl linsey left. And we hit the ave and cruised for a while. Then-- she left me @ BICKFORD's @ 10 and left me there alone until 11:15 when meg and the others showed up. We ate and then Eric and the boys showed up around 12. SO CUTE :-*

    Hey now- I get to go to the new resturant this week. I work on wednesday and i REALLY can't wait b/c I wanna actually be in. I wanna see how things are. and i hope i work with joe 1 or 2. i miss them so much. I realy wanna see DAVE but he quit :-( so i wont see him again. and i think that sucks ass. But yeah. i really am looking forward to going back. I really should look for a second job soon tho. b/c i dont want to be making 7.10$ this summer. So -- i think i'll go apply at Starwood hotels tomorrow. maybe i'll get lucky and get the two jobs! :-* wouldn't that be great? b/c then jill can get her new car like nothing ! WOO!

    Hanson day is tomorrow. How great is that. It's been *thinks* 6 years for hanson? am i right? did i do that math right? i dunno..maybe. I love them, always have, hopefully always will. and hey- i heard some new clips from the album, its gonna kick ass, if it ever gets released. :-x

    Now that prom is over and done with. we've only got 18 days of school left. then we've got graduation. That didn't sink in until we got our yearbooks and our caps & gowns. but i'm so thrilled about it. I CAN NOT WAIT until im out of school. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and be able to do what i want to do. not sit in school for 6 hours and waste away. Alright, mom wants to go online so im out. Imma go watch 7th heaven.

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2003-05-06 16:09 (link)
sry about the prom! and i cant wait till summer vacation either....=D

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2003-05-06 21:26 (link)
Summer vacation for you, the start of the rest of my life for me :-D

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2003-05-07 18:47 (link)
sorry prom wasnt great :(

hey this is liv (delixiouz) could u add me here?

<3 Liv

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2003-05-09 08:30 (link)
AWE! hey liv! miss ya! you better stay around more for me! lol. I'll add you as soon as i get the chance okay huh?

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(Reply from suspended user)

2003-05-09 08:31 (link)
Techanically -- We've only got 11 full class days left! HOW GREAT! woo! :-*

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2003-05-09 23:32 (link)
Official Hanson day is May 24, not may 6 like everyone thinks. I swear to god! It's the day it was fficially observed, but somehow everyone started thionking it was the 6th cause MON was released, but no, it's the 24...I'm postivie. Sorry, just some OCD Hanson info for you. lol.

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Re: hmm....
2003-05-11 11:34 (link)
Nope, sorry hun. You're wrong. Even HANSON says that hanson day is may 6th. so :-p to you.

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