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Jillyo .... (blonde_squared) wrote,
@ 2003-04-27 20:57:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Feild Mob Ft- Trina-- Sick of being lonely

    --I want friday to come and go--

    Friday is prom. I DONT want to go. Well-- i do but i dont. I just want it to be over and done with. It's wiped me out of ALL my money. My mom fixed my toyota so i can have a little while to buy the new car. Im thinking maybe once prom is over and done with. I can start saving my money and have my mom take my AMT card away...b/c then i can get a car. all on my own. :-\.

    I need to apply for a credit card. I'm 18 and i cant get/do anything with out it. I'm looking at a nextel phone. and i now can't GET ONE b/c i dont have a credit card. MAybe i'll do that right now. B/c i really dont want to update.

    Anyways. I cut my leg shaving yesterday. and i've NEVER cut myself this bad. it took an HOUR for it to stop bleeding. my daddie and i wrapped it up so i can wear my boots to work. but i kept walking with a limp, so i told my trainer that i sprained my ankle and she felt bad and let me sit around filling out books for an hour & 1/2. So now i've got a nice little cut i have to deal with when i wear my heals for prom.

    THEN-, i went to get my hair highlighted yesterday. They wicked fucked it up. I paided 60$ bucks for bullshit. So now i've gotta call them on tuesday and see if they'll fix it b/c i am NOT having fucked up hair for prom.

    AND- i have no date. fun is that. Joe 1 decided he couldnt afford to go...and i agree. If i didnt have a dress i wouldnt be going..


    yeah i dont wanna update anymore...

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2003-04-28 00:27 (link)

wowsers. im so sorry. everything seems to be going wrong for you. but i do hope you have a great time at prom though =/ prom is a once in a lifetime thing, you know, so just try to have fun :] take cares, i love you

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2003-04-30 09:44 (link)
OH. i know prom is supposed to be special. i've got everything all done now, except my hair. and i still dont know if i should go in the honda ...or take a limo with my buddy eric. :-\ Its all so confusing. and guess what?! on top of all this, i just got my fucking period yesterday. how wonderful. iloveyou2!

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2003-05-01 21:15 (link)
I hope so! thanks for the good comment! :-*

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2003-05-01 21:17 (link)
I hope i do! i cant wait until its over tho :-\

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