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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 18:04:00
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    Current mood:normal
    Current music:goldfinger - "spokesman"

    Yeah that's right, WARPED TOUR'S TOMORROW! Wooohoooo! I've been counting down the days since I got my tickets and now it's here and I'm going and I hope I meet lots of bands and see all the bands I want (Pierre!). I still have to get some stuff for tomorrow so I should be heading to the mall in awhile. I'm still not sure how much to take and I'm planning to buy quite a few stuff (shirts, posters, etc...) I've got money my mom's going to give me a little more so that should be enough. My goal for tomorrow is to meet PIERRE BOUVIER (leader singer from Simple Plan)! Gosh he's so hot!

    Here are some bands I'm also planning on seeing:
    The Used
    Less Than Jake
    The Starting Line
    Simple Plan
    Slick Shoes
    Tsunami Bomb
    From Autumn to Ashes
    Story of the Year
    Letter Kills
    Matchbook Romance
    and alot more...
    I know it's a bunch of pop punk bands and not so much punk but whaterver I see what I want. All the good bands are going after the touring in Texas, that sucks :\.

    Anywho, enough about Warped, I know you all don't want me to babble on about it so I won't. Well summer school ended today. Yay for that! It's so awesome that I don't have to take spanish anymore. I'm finally done with my foreign credit :D. Wooo it feels good to finally finish. I think I did good on my final, so I'm not too worried.

    Oh Brand New's going to Austin this weekend but I can't go. How sad. My mom said I could've gone if it wasn't for the bad timing. The good thing is Brand New's going to Austin again on Sept. 17 with MxPx and Dashboard. I'm so going to that one! I have to, it's Brand New! I love them, they're my favorite band, right next to Blink and Finch :). Oh yeah TBS is going on tour this fall with Saves The Day and Moneen (have no clue who they are), so yeah again I want to go to that concert too, lol. So many concerts, so little time.

    It was raining awhile ago. Grrrr, stupid rain! I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow at Warped. That won't be cool. Okay well I'm off now, so bye.

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