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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 23:29:00
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    Current mood:irritated
    Current music:kelly osbourne - "come dig me out"

    I want to get the fork out of here!
    Ahhhh don't you ever feel like you have to get away from everything? That's pretty much how I feel right now :\. Only 34 more school days left and I'm off, sort of. God I really wish I could just leave everything behind and go as far away as I can from my problems, shitty ass town, EVERYTHING! I'm tired of this, I want to leave! I can't wait till I graduate and leave everything behind and won't have to face it again. Seriously, I tell everyone that last time you will ever see me is on graduation haha, well it's true, I want to leave this place so bad. I hate this place with all heart, I hate everything about the place I live right down to the last detail, I hate the people here, they are so conceited (and I don't know what they have to be conceited about, I mean it's not like they ever got the fuck out of here) and they are EVERY narrow minded :\, seriously like if they see a guy with colored hair and spikes they look at them all weird and start talking bad about them, I mean come on please they know nothing about the person, I really don't know why EVERYONE here does that. Also everyone here is very nosey :\, they always want to know about everything and that irritates me, I mean if it's not your business then leave it alone. Another thing I hate about this place is that it's soooo boring, there's nothing to do but go to the movies or the mall :\, and I also hate the fact I'm having lots of trouble in school :\ well only in Geometry but still I hate that, it gets me stressed out, that I'm struggling in that class. God I just want to leave seriously if I could I would but I can't so :(.

    Yeah well I just had to let that out, I seriously needed to let all that anger out, and I did so now I'm alright, but I still want to get the fork out of here :\... only 3 more years.

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