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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 21:32:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:lillix - "it's about time"

    It's about life, it's about fun, it's about school being OVER!
    SCHOOL IS FINALLY OVER!!! Ahhhh I can't belive it, my freshman year is over, I am now a SOPHOMORON! haha. Woooo how the years pass by so fast. The last day was the same as all the others but ended in a special way. Thanks to Geetu! Gosh she's the greatest!!! AHHH THANK YOU GEETU, YOU SO ROCK! Wondering why I bet. Well she got a picture of Mark (guy I think is REALLY hot). He was one of the guys that I thought I would least likely get a picture of. The funny thing is the picture of one of the three guys I wanted was the one I thought I would more than likely be able to get but quite didn't, it was totally opposite. Instead I got the one I thought I would least likely be able to get but it was the one I really wanted and I'm glad I got it. Although I did get a picture of the one I thought I would get but not quite I took it with him not seeing and walking to his car. Haha, I'm such a stalker :P. Well after school I went to go eat at "Rosita's" with my mother. I was craving for Mexican food so we decided to go eat there. Then we went to the mall, got some stuff at American Eagle and some body sprays at Bath and Body Works and yeah just kind of walked around the mall. Now I am here listening to Lillix - "It's About Time". Good song I have to say, so go download it. Tomorrow I might go to the movies to see either "Bruce Almighty" or "Finding Nemo", lol. I hope I do, I really want to go see a movie with the girls, lol. Guess I'm going to stop blogging. So later for now.

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