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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-05-10 23:57:00
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    Current mood:indescribable
    Current music:blink 182 - "stay together for the kids"

    Life in general.
    Isn't life mysterious in some ways? We take many things for granted and when we lose it it tends to hit us hard. Kind of figured that out. Not that I've lost something/someone, but to think it happens. Myself (and probably many) believe life in general seems to be one big "emotional rollercoaster". We have are ups and downs, good and bad times, things we will always remember and things we wished never happened in the first place. I've regretted many things in the past but I've chosen not to live life in regrets. So I try my hardest to keep that "promise". Today I heard someone past away from a drug overdose. This is sad news, I hope this person rests in peace. I don't know why people do drugs to start with. I find it to be quite "stupid" in a sense. I mean we were taught from the beginning that drugs were bad for us and to say no when offered. I remember in elementary everyone would always say "I will never do drugs", and once we hit junior high the people you thought you knew back from elementary and the ones who said they'd never do drugs were the ones who did it first. Ironic, don't you think? I've never done drugs and don't plan to anytime in my life. I just don't seem to know why everyone continues to do it. I know people do it because they are pressured to but I mean why do it? Is there some "great" feeling everyone gets out of it? I saw this eposide on MTV "Flipped", about these two teens who were drug addicts and were sent off to do a documentary. Well to see what people go through when doing drugs and to see the teens expressions was interesting in a sense. Ironic to think that it takes a show to show someone that drugs are bad when we've been taught it was billions of times. Guess we need more shows like that? Why is life so mysterious? I still can't figure out everything about life. I just seem to be learning things about it from time to time. Life is one great mystery that takes time to solve. Will anyone ever discover this mystery? We'll never know. But in the mean time, I leave everyone with this. Cherish life, don't regret anything, and live life to the fullest, because once it's gone we might never get it back.

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