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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-04-24 23:44:00
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    Current mood:sleepy
    Current music:the used - "noise and kisses"

    Vote for me!
    Yup that's right, vote for me for class of 2006 historian 03-04 :D. God I'm so happy I'm running for historian, it's like the best position in class office (to me). I'd be able to take LODS of pictures of school events and all :D! It's basically like making a scrapbook which I love to do. I mean come on who doesn't like taking pictures? Well I really hope I win, I've got some tough competition but if I campaign hard and all I'm sure I'll get the spot :). Wish me luck! On other new... next week for 3 days I go in at 12 in the afternoon. Isn't that forkin' awesome! My god I get to sleep in late and go to IHop haha with my buddies, it'll be grand. Why you ask we get in at 12 though? Well next week is TAKS testing (test all schools take required by the state) and freshman only test 1 day out of the 4 testing days, so yeah we get in at 12 which so forkin' rocks :P. I better go now I've got to wake up early, HOSA meeting :\. (Geetu better win for parliamentarian!)

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