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Anny (blinker_kid) wrote,
@ 2003-04-14 22:44:00
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    Current mood:chipper
    Current music:the ataris - "in this diary"

    My awesome weekend :D!
    Wow, was this the best weekend or what :D. It was lots of fun, well first off we had a suprise party for Geetu in English haha she was so paranoid because she knew her mom was going to do something and she was afraid if she did our English teacher would get into deep trouble (she's already on probation at school). It was hard to keep the suprise party from her, she was so sneaky (dang Geetu, don't be so nosey lol :P). Also on Friday we came late to school and we had a HOSA meeting at 8:15, and at this meeting we were supposed to nominate for next year but we came late and there was only two empty spots for "parlimentarian" so Geetu and I told Savanah to write our names down. So yeah, we're running against each other, which sucks :\. Anyways... well yeah, then later after school we decided to go see "Anger Management" with Lori, Abigael, and a bunch of people from school and my god is that a funny movie or what haha. "I feel pretty, I'm so witty... I'm so GAYYYY" haha something like that... I totally recommend to go watch that movie, it's funny stuff. After the movie we went to Toys R' Us but they were closed (damn them) then we went Ross, Michaels, and the Shoe Carnival but they were closed as well, so we ended up walking to Wal Mart :D lol. Yeah well we were just walking around the whole store and ate at Mcdonalds which was inside Wal Mart which I still find odd :\. Then we split up and Abigael, Lori, and I headed to the fish section and ahhh I saw Billy's twins :D, I really miss that fish I want him back :(. Then somehow we ended up in the toy section hrm... how ironic haha. We were hitting each other with these plastic bats and swimming things, then we sat down in these swinging chairs and relaxed :D. After that we were going to go back to the movie theater but all of a sudden Abigael and Lori get lost :|, my lord I spent forever looking for them until I gave up and waited outside with Geetu and Melissa and like 5 minutes later they come out, woof what a relief. Well yeah that was pretty much Friday... but Saturday was the bestest because that was Geetu's birthday and suprise party at the bowling alley. I got Geetu a GC shirt which she loves, I told her to wear it tomorrow and tell everyone I got it for her lol. Well anyways, I got there kind of late (6:30, party started at 6:00), about everyone went, it was really fun. I CAN ACTUALLY BOWL :D!, my god I thought that I would be doing the grandma throughout the whole game but no I'm actually good, I made two strikes :D, good for a beginner don't you think? It was fun, had some cake, bowled, played games, laughed, ahhh that's what I call fun :P lol. When the party was over, we stayed for disco night (which starts at 9:00). Geetu, Bianca, Abigael, Lori, and I were in one team, and Tania, Elmo (Tania's bf), Dani, and Selinda, were in another team. That was total fun, I think I made like 2 strikes in that game, I was trying to beat Abigael but unfortunatley I didn't, she got first place, Bianca second, and I got third, poo. They played crappy music in the beginning but at the end they played good stuff like rock and techno. So yeah I'd call that night "grand times" :). That was pretty much my weekend, it may not sound wow but it was you just had to be there :P. I'm off now... oh 31 more school days left :D and Easter breaks starts on Thursday, ahhh yes I'm going out of town :D!

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