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Shakti (blindragon) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 08:32:00
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    Current music:gloria estefan - words get in the way

    useless bits of information
    they broke up on saturday night... when he saw her last.
    it was a one night stand that went on for too long. Frankly, you annoy me. We have nothing in common.

    there was this other guy, i was interested in just fucking. he's cool, and all that jazziness, not boyfriend material. Not by a long shot. He and I were getting close, and then she steps in. She went home with him after the party, slept with him the next morning (shh, I was SWORN to secrecy... yeah right... crazy bitch... you fucked the man I love) and HE "dumped" her (by her standards they broke up...) saturday night.
    Now, like a lost puppy she's watching traffic every time she's here, waiting for the phone to ring, jumping every time the door dings, to see if it's her new toy. She's upset because her new toy is already not calling, not showing up, standing her up (several times now...)


    drama for you.

    I have no expectations. This time around.
    Before you break my heart in two
    there's something I've been trying to say to you
    but then words get in the way

    And then you. We've seen more of each other on a friendly bases these past three days, than we have the past five weeks. You said you knew I was trying to hate you (in fact, I'd had you convinced) you knew I wanted you dead. And still you tried to talk with me. To smile with me. To laugh with me. You've been more tender towards me, these past three days, than you were the past five (six) months now

    what was that? last night, when I was laying on the floor on my side, and you were sitting there... and you pulled me back to lay on your lap. what was that on sunday night, when laying in your bed, you kept tickling me, and poking me. and then cuddling me (only to tickle me again a few minutes later, and then innocently pull me back to you)

    I tried to say I love you
    but the words get in the way

    I expect only for you to let me love you.
    not for you to love me back.. jason.
    i'd say, don't do what you don't want.
    but you've silently shown
    you want to.
    to spend time with me
    to feel some undisclosed thing fo rme.
    that's ok.
    because i love you.
    and i'm willing to wait.
    maybe not forever,
    but definetely for now.

    (warning: I've got a high sex drive... don't make me wait too long)

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