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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-07-17 22:22:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Tori Amos-- Mother

    "I'm... complicated"
    Had a very pleasant day today. Miguel came by early afternoon and we went to the beach. There was supposed to be rain, but we did not see a sign of it. We lounged on the small beach for a few hours. The water was comfortable and not too cold. It looked just perfect outside. With Miguel set against the blue background, nothing else exists. After we were both thoroughly burned, we walked back to his house and showered. After cuddling for a while longer, he took me home to go to Kung Fu. I got some reading done and got into a discussion with my mother. I told her to read some fiction. She said she'd read any book I choose for her if I read a book she chooses for me. Her will of course be a religion book. I guess I'll do it. No harm can come out of it. She thinks I am afraid of the truth. She thinks I make my truth out of fiction. Then I had a long spiel about it to Miguel which he seemed to enjoy. It is wonderful to have him to listen to me. We can discuss anything.

    Almost done with "The Fountainhead". I love it very much. I'm onto "Atlas Shrugged", next. Everyone has read it except me. At least I think.

    FyL and I cannot talk for very long. We run out of things to say. But when we are together we talk so much. Or maybe we don't. Maybe it is only a mutual understanding of one another which we tolerate.

    "Let's go sailing"

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I want icecream
2003-07-17 23:39 (link)
La lalaaaaaaa
Atlas Shrugged? I haven't read it...i've never even heard of it! I never know the books you read...well except the Anne Rice ones!
Hey, you were right about work getting better! Your so smart! *licks Heidi*

Salve Domina Heidi

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2003-07-17 23:45 (link)
Hey, how do you say goodbye in latin? Salve is hello...i think...blah...I have to get my latin book out later and study.
Do you even remeber any latin from years back?

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Re: I want icecream
2003-07-18 10:57 (link)
Aw Amanda, you sweetheart.
You'll be mistress of the palce in no time, right? And then you will be even more awesome and everyone will love you more.

Books are fun.

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Re: I want icecream
2003-07-18 12:31 (link)
Woooo!! That would kick ass! Can I be the mistress whore? Fun fun!
When you become empress you have to use your power to kidnap Davey Havok so I can rape him and have his baby! Hee hee!

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