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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 11:09:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Fiona Apple- On the Bound

    Thursday night, Miguel and I went over to Anna's house. Her paretns are now living in their new home and anna is staying in her home in BC until she moves in with her father. Jennifer was there as well. The two friends have practically been living together for the last month. We watched recorded tapes of "hot guys". Afterwards, we stayed up until 2 talking. I feel as though I offended Jennifer in some way... She doesn't seem to like me. Huh, maybe one day.
    Friday morning it rained for a little bit. I opened the window near my head to let the cool wind in. With Miguel next to me, it was perfect. He had to work later that day so we left late morning. I spent the rest of the day at home and reading. Vanessa called me and asked to spend 4th of July with her and David. We went to Grand Haven for a little bit. The water looked pretty as the tide went out. I waded and threw dead fish at my friends. Once we were bored, we drive back to GR. We visited some of David's friends on the "west side". Their culture is so completely different. Once we got back to their house, we made spaghetti and watched "Gia" and went ot bed. It was strange sleeping alone at that house, in that bed. David and Vanessa were very affectionate. It was sweet.
    Miguel came over after practice yesterday. We hung out with David and Vanessa all day. We watched "Lolita", got ice cream and watched David play basketball. I felt like a little girl and made flower chains in the grass and played on the equipment. One of the guys playing flirted with Vanessa until he found out she was married. We went home after a few hours, ordered pizza and watched a movie.
    Miguel brought me home around 00:00. Alex angered me online. I signed off and went to bed. My dreams were odd. I kept looking for a knife... I also could not find my locker. I killed a man and was covered in blood. For some reason, this excited me very much in the dream. Ther was a scar in the shape of a shark on my thigh. I got an email from an old friend last night. I don't even care to talk to her, really.

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