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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 13:33:00
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    Current mood: calm

    After lazing about the house for a while, Katie nd Becky left to go swimming at Kyle's. I stayed home with Mother because I just don't like hanging out with their friends. I know that I am not superior to them, but I feel that way at times. I feel like my intellect is above theirs... Maybe I am just concieted. Mom and I went out to Alpine and spent some time. We had coffee and I bought The Virgin Suicides. I read it most of the afternoon until I caught Miguel online. Sam, a girl from Chinese class was moving her stuff into a bigger room in her apartment (which Miguel and two others wil lbe living in for next year). We helped take apart her bed and desk. Then we brought it all up the three short flights of stairs and reassembled the bed, We brought up a few of her other personal belongings, but most of those were strewn across her bedroom floor in the basement. Her boyfriend Dane showed up about midnight, so we left. At least we got a work out! Plus, it was good to see Miguel. He is always a sweet heart....
    I got up and showered this morning, then proceeded to finish my book. I stayed up until 2, reading on the light green recliner. Bridgette tried several times to climb up besides me. I didn't want the fuzzy kitten kneading my side though. My lightbulb is still out and I fumbled in the darkness to my bed, tripping over clothes and books. I did not sleep well. I continued to wake up several times throughout the night. It has been like that for a few days now. My throat is sore. I gave all of my razors to Miguel. He said he would not return them this time. Seriously, I hesitated to do so. At least for the new ones. The two unused blades glimmered through their plastic packaging and begged me to keep them. Just them. The others were dull or crusted with blood. Just the same, my lover dropped them in the abyss of his pocket. I warned him that he could hurt himself when taking them out, but he excused the comment and continued. He pulled me into an embrace that I must have not responded to very well because my heart was sick. He thanked me. We hugged and kissed and then he had ot leave.
    I was crazy in my dreams... My relatives were being stupid as usual. A partner in business betrayed me. Miguel was there to reassure me. Hm.

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2003-07-03 16:42 (link)
Hi sexy, I'm bored!
Weird dreams still happenin I see! In my dream last night I stole cars and was caught and sent to some juvi type of place and I had to sleep on a single board and I had to do hard work. Woooooo...crazy. Didja know Nat's sister was in juvi a while back for stealing cars? Maybe thats why I had the dream...hmmm...I dunno. K i'm done rambling on about nonsense.
Much love
~Amanda The Great

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