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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 09:15:00
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    Current mood: nauseated
    Current music:Orgy- - no song in particular

    I have a doctor's appointment this morning. I am kind of glad. I had way too much coffee all ready and I am shaking terribly. I can't really sleep either because in an hour we will have to go. Wow I am a bum. Instead of getting dressed I am updating my journal. Mom is snoring lightly on her recliner with a chenille blanket draped over her tired frame. My sisters are resting easy in their beds. Traces of cigarette smoke still on their breaths and dirt on thier feet from last night. It is a lovely thought considering nothing but the usual went on.

    I was supposed to babysit last night. My ride came, brought me to her house only to see that her daughter was home and could watch her young son. She took me back home and gave me five dollars for my time. That was kind of neat. She might be able to get me a job. A job would be nice....
    Miguel was upset yesterday. He didn't go into detail so I suppose it was just a bad day. Still, it made me sad because there was nothing I could do. He didn't seem to want me to try and cheer him up. We circle one another like that though. When I am upset I do not want his help. When he is, he does not want mine. I feel as thought I am trapped in several vicious cycles that are all intertwined. Those gears are never oiled and they grind against one another. All it does is jilt my nerves and continue. I'm sorry Miguel.... I'm sorry everyone.

    I hope the doctor can help. New medication, weeeeeeeeee!

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Miguel's mood
2003-07-01 09:35 (link)
Yes, I did have a bad day. I was tired after working a double on Sunday, and I had to get up early because the house was being shown. The dumbfuck realtor showed up half an hour early while I was in the shower, then locked me out after I left (I only have keys to the deadbolts, not the doorknobs). I arrived at work to find out I was given a shitty section (again), and then a couple of my co-workers decided they wanted to be assholes to me all night.

I'm sorry I didn't bitch to you fast enough online last night; I was taking the Dante's Inferno test and you just signed off while I was deciding how to start about my day. A little patience with me would be appreciated, alright?


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Re: Miguel's mood
2003-07-01 09:55 (link)
I had to babysit Miguel, okay? Sorry.

Sorry you had a bad day. Could have told me in those two times you signed off on me before, okay?

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