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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 15:53:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Where I End and You Begin- Radiohead

    Twin Eyes
    I found out that FyL is kind of seeing a girl that he only constantly complained about. He and Alex would go on and on about how much they hate her and now he is seeing her. This makes me pretty mad and sad.... I don't know why. He is not mine to be mad about. I mean, he must feel the same thing whenever I mention Miguel (not that he bothered me before). Strangely I do not feel jealous, just disappointed. I can't wait until Phil moves away from everyone and then he can start a new life without that stupid girl. Wow, I sound jealous. The thought worked me up into brief hysteria. Everything is fine... Maybe he will become happy.

    Yesterday Miguel and I did not do too much. We went over to Vanessa's and had pizza and soda. We also watched "Just Married". That is the most STUPID movie ever created. David tried to tell me it was funny, but it drove me crazy. I think my IQ went down a few points after seeing it. Once we got home, Miguel and I walked. It was a pretty night and we got to talk quite a bit. Something about the cool, blue lighting on his face... We sat on the bleachers at the nearby high school. My mood was strange and he recognized that. Oh, he let me draw him yesterday. Not too good, but whatever. He is working a double shift.

    Becky seemed pretty sad yesterday but she made cookies. We went to Mass at 8 this morning. At home, I slept for three and a half hours. After that I finished my book. I'm not sure what I will read next. I have quite a selection. I guess I will finish "Belinda". I think I will do that now.

    The weather is pretty. Why am I wearing a sweater?

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2003-06-29 18:13 (link)
Glad your not jealous, you shouldn't be! I need to go to the library soon, I hav books waaaaay overdo...oh well, its on my mom's card. lol!
Give Becky a hug from me, even if she doesn't really know me!!
much love

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2003-06-29 22:53 (link)
Are you catholic?

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2003-06-30 09:01 (link)
Yes, I'm Catholic but not a very good one. Are you part of any religion?

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2003-06-30 23:37 (link)
Not really. Religion interests me a lot, though. I'm currently reading about Wicca. Next, I'll study Pagan. Then to Buddism and Hinduism, then Chinese theory, Greek Mythology, ect, ect. My parents are hardcore Christians, though. It's raised a whole lotta hell.

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2003-07-01 09:11 (link)

Blah, what a huge hassle.

It is cool that you are interested in so much about religion. The only way I really can FIND my religion is going through all the other ways. You know, see the ups and owns of a pagan religion before the ups and downs of Catholiscism.

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2003-07-03 23:17 (link)
I can see what you're saying. I find so much fault in just about everything, I don't think I'll ever be able to claim any paticular religon.

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