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Hitomi's Razor (bleedingrei) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 21:08:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Poe- - Hello Hello

    Becky and her stupid hooligan friends. They are either here or calling calling calling on the phone. I'm just waiting for her to turn into a druggie. It is sad. And she calls me annoying. She hasn't the slightest idea.

    Mother and I gave her a pep talk yesterday. I felt like a parent. In a way, I am. I'm taking the place of another authority figure in the house. I'm not sure if my mother expects it, but it happens and she agrees with me. How does that make me feel?

    Went to Mass last night with Mother. Katie worked and Becky was with Tony as usual. They went this morning. Last night, Miguel got me after he worked. I had the weekend off. He didn't. After watching "Pillow Talk" and "Send me no Flowers". I have a great urge to watch "The Love Cage". I felt loosened up and happy. I danced around the living room and made pictures for Miguel. He liked them. I slept well last night. It only feels temporary to sleep alone at this point. It feels better with him at my side.

    I rearranged my bedroom today. Other than that, nothing.

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