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Bleeding_Kiss (bleeding_kiss) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 17:12:00
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    The Window: Your Attitude
    Your choice of the winding road reveals a personality who has direction but may be an inveterate wanderer. You are a loner by nature, but take great pleasure in the beauties which lie on each side of you. Your favorite song is "The long and winding road" by the Beatles. No matter how low you get, you always know there is a corresponding upside. Even descending into the black asphalt of life you manage to grasp a benefit. You now speak "valley talk" fluently like. In your dreams you may be given to watching tacky reruns of Green Acres and yearning for Eva Gabor's jewels.

    The Music: Your Lover
    You rock while your partner rolls creating a pulsing beat that reaches to your very core. Your passion is deep and demanding, yet can often be fickle as it is pulled from one trend to the next, constantly trying to find a real hot groove.

    The Pictures: Your Relationships
    Revealing a disciplined personality with multiple friends and family of importance to its psyche. You are one who strives to display affection without syrupy sentiment manifesting emotion in a cool, detached manner.

    The Garbage: Your Problems
    How do you hide your problems in a wired world? You don't. The skeletal structure of your handsome wiry body precludes many types of problems, which is not to say that the problems don't exist but that your problems tend to be handled by others who are more capable and water-resistant than you. Avoidance and the cubicle mentality is your sphere. Paper, paperclips, an errant pop can - the entrails of office life pass through you.

    The Clock: Your Future
    Your future is squarely that of a modern conservative, with a throwback to Roman times. Your skeletal architectural gun metal honed body may cause others to see you as rigid and unbending but in your heart you remember the wild toga parties of your youth and smile.


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