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Charlotte (blamehyacinth) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 17:07:00
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    wikipedia, the free encyclopædia

    The definition of geek has changed considerably over the years. Below are some definitions of the word "geek", in order from oldest (and most archaic) to newest. All but the first are still in use.

    A person that swallows live animals, bugs, etc., as a form of entertainment at fairs etc. This often included biting the heads off of chickens. The Geek would usually 'perform' in a 'geek pit'

    A derogatory term for one with low social skills, often with high intellegence. It is theorised that many of these people have Asperger's syndrome.

    A person that is into technology, especially computing and new media. Comparable with the classic definition of hacker.

    A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest.

    There are many varieties of geek. The computer geek is best known, but every field of academia and many areas of culture have their geeks. There are politics geeks, geography geeks, geeks of the natural sciences, music geeks, history geeks, linguistics geeks, ham radio geeks, public transit geeks (metrophiles), anime and manga geeks (otaku), Star Trek geeks, geeks of many colours, genders, and styles.

    see also: nerd, otaku, anorak, geek code, hacker

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2003-06-07 15:12 (link)
geeks rock :)
So you read Perks of Being a Wallflower? My friend read that, she says it's really good. ^_^
You also read Francesca Lia Block? me too, she's a wonderful writer. I write, she helps inspire me. Which of her books have you read?
Well, I have nothing more interesting to say, my life is pretty boring. I gotta go anyway,
Bye for now,

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2003-06-08 07:29 (link)

Thanks for commenting on one of my posts. I would love to read your Blurty

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". I find it difficult to relate to teen characters in many books as they are either portrayed as being the stereotypical popular person or the loser kid. Charlie was neither and just a little extraordinary. I tend to enjoy books by female authors more than books by male authors so it was quite a surprise that I enjoyed "Perks".

Francesca Lia Block is completely wonderful. I live in the United Kingdom and Block books are hard to come across - at least where I live ("Weetzie Bat" is the only one I've ever seen in a bookstore) - so Amazon is by best friend. I've read "Violet & Claire", "Echo" and "The Hanged Man". I am determined to read all of her books. She's completely wonderful. =D

Well, I'd love to read something you have written. Let's see how Block inspires you. XD

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2003-06-08 10:28 (link)
I often find the same problem with books myself. When I'm looking for a book, so many are about some popular girl that has it all, and then something goes wrong. I'm so sick of all those stories. There are so many stereotypical books out there it sickens me.
I've read "Violet and Claire", "The Hanged Man", "Echo", "Girl Goddess Number 9" (containing 9 short stories), and "I Was a Teenage Fairy". Block's style of writing is very unique; the descriptions are beautiful, and like you mentioned in another entry, the books sometimes make me want to move to LA.
That's awesome that you live in the UK. My ancestors are from Scotland, England, and Ireland, so I've always kinda loved meeting people from there-or from anywere outside the US.
Usually Francesca Lia Block helps me make a poem more descriptive, since in my earlier writings most of what I wrote wasn't symbolic or metaphoric. That's something I'm working on.
I look foward to reading more of your journal! you write it very well, unlike how I used to. I was reading my whole journal the other day, and I never realized how much of brat I sounded like. Right now, though, I'm working on changing that aspect of myself.

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